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Experience Matters

Crisis and Issues Management

Led communications for several high-profile matters involving accusations of sexual harassment, assault and misconduct. These situations required close coordination with investigators, legal teams and various law enforcement agencies and a range of communications efforts to address issues and stakeholder concerns, communicate a commitment to change and report on mitigation measures.

Worked with major medical centers and other organizations on labor matters involving organized activism from high-profile unions and coalitions. Managed stakeholder communications and media coverage of strikes and protests. Addressed issues and responses on a number of fronts, working in tandem with negotiators and provided strategic counsel to leadership.

Managed a number of cases of reported sexual harassment and assault, all high-profile situations where smart strategy, solid messaging and quick response led to mitigation of potentially harmful media coverage and adverse stakeholder reaction. Represented both aspects of these situations – the complainant and the accused.

Oversaw communications for various public health matters including mobilizing and leading the full spectrum of COVID-19 communications (internal and external) for a major medical center client; managing public health communications for viral outbreaks on a major university campus; and coordinating multiple proactive wellness campaigns.

Provided strategic counsel and communications plans for DE&I efforts including launching corporate diversity programs, issues response, leadership engagement and messaging, and supporting diversity councils in year-round amplification to help sustain diversity and inclusion commitments.  Assisted organizations with DE&I positioning and statements in response to national issues.

Mobilized immediate responses for workplace threats including active shooter situations, murders, hazardous materials and threats of violence. Worked with law enforcement to guide command center communications including real-time emergency messaging, safety updates, stakeholder communications, social media strategy, media relations and incident follow-up.

Litigation Communications

Provided public relations support in numerous litigation matters involving high-profile media coverage and public scrutiny, providing such services as messaging, spokesperson training, press relations, stakeholder communications and online communities management – working in close coordination with legal teams and strategies. Cases included the national university academic enrollment scandal “Varsity Blues,” class action lawsuits, state and federal court cases, and various other matters involving local and state legislative matters.

Merger & Acquisition Communications

Led merger and acquisition communications (internal and external) for acquisitions of research institutes, hospitals, arts organizations and companies. Served as the marketing and communications leader in due diligence efforts for acquisitions in various sectors. Services included reputation research, communications strategy and planning, media relations and social media management, branding and paid media strategy, and employee communications, as well as stakeholder and community outreach.

Corporate Communications Structure and Staffing

Advised leadership teams at companies, organizations and universities on branding and positioning, establishing reputational goals, and assessing marketing and communications structures and staffing. Provided strategic counsel to various chief communications and marketing officers and led corporate communications initiatives for clients including benefits provider and health plan changes, workplace initiatives and wellness campaigns. 

Grassroots Community PR Campaigns

Created and led the highly successful grassroots public relations campaign “Shop Vroman's” to support a local business during the onset of the pandemic. The campaign, which went national, saved a historic bookstore from closure and created unprecedented sales that continue almost two years later.  Through compelling messaging and graphics, the campaign went broadly viral, engaged celebrities and authors, achieved dozens of high-profile media placements, and generated sales that led to additional jobs and sustained revenues. The halo effect from the campaign’s media coverage supported independent booksellers nationwide and led to increased sales at other local businesses.   

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